Ongoing Security Film Update

With the majority of first round safety grants awarded, we are beginning the installation process. In order to keep costs down we will be installing security film using a geographically-based software schedule. Check this page for regular updates on our progress.

July 27 - Coordinating schedules with vendor. First round of schools to be notified of installation in early August.

August 6 - Vendor contacting first round of schools for installation.

August 16 - Twenty-three school districts contacted for installation

August 22 - Thirteen school districts contacted for installation

September 11 - Email sent to customers regarding scheduling. All districts to be contacted by the vendor by November 1st.

Cooperative Pricing on Security Film

CESA 10 has partnered with a window film installer to offer cooperative pricing on security window film for primary and advanced grant funding through the School Safety Initiative. Through this partnership, customers will pay less than $15 per square foot of security film. 

CESA 10 realizes many options exist for purchasing security film both locally and on a national level, and we urge participants to pursue the avenue that provides the best value for your district.

Districts interested in taking advantage of CESA 10’s negotiated low-rate should fill out the form below.

Due to high demand, CESA 10 won't contact you for final measurements and pricing until after grants have been awarded. Please don't worry if you don't hear from us right away. By filling out this form, you will be counted as an interested participant and contacted prior to CESA 10 placing the bulk order.

Pictures illustrating what does and doesn't qualify for primary funding are shown below. Contact 888-947-4701 or with questions or to sign up for this discounted pricing.

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