Owner's Representative Service

The CESA 10 Owner's Representative acts as the advocate and advisor for an Owner. This service is appropriate for customers that have a facility manager and business manager who are experienced in construction projects and want an additional experienced set of eyes looking out for the customer through all steps of the project. Just a few of the many important tasks completed by an Owner's Representative include reviewing: contracts, design documents, change orders, bids, and work completion/quality.


alt="Owner's Representative Service"
When CESA 10 was our Construction Manager they used customer-protective RFPs and contracts along with competitive bidding to make sure our projects came in under budget. Now as our Owner’s Representative, they are holding our general contractor to the same high standards and requiring competitive, transparent bids. We are again seeing bids come in low - even in this competitive environment. CESA 10’s commitment to competitive bidding is unmatched and it works!
— Jon Novak, Business Manager, River Valley School District
alt="Depere School District"

Depere school district

In 2015, the DePere School District hired CESA 10 as the Owner's Representative for their facility upgrade. Using a competitive bidding process, CESA 10 was able to negotiate the best price for each project while protecting the district's best interests. Not only has CESA 10 been available for the bid review process and negotiations, they also have attended monthly on-site construction meetings and provided the district with ongoing progress reports detailing project status and completion dates.

alt="Milwaukee School District"

milwaukee school district

In 2016, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) hired CESA 10 as their Owner's Representative for Vincent High School, Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning, and the River Trail School. CESA 10 acts as a liaison between MPS and its prequalified ESCO's, representing the district's best interests, while providing guidance and professional opinions pertaining to contracts and risk management, financing, project selection, constructability, project coordination, and administration. Call Travis Luzney, P.E., Director of Facilities and Maintenance Services, at 414-283-4605 to talk about how CESA 10's Owner's Representative Service is helping Milwaukee Public Schools.