Comprehensive Facility Consulting

Coordinating a facility project often comes with many hurdles, such as seeking board approval; obtaining the correct funding; managing budgets, contractors, and schedules; and juggling multiple contracts. What may start out as a simple facility upgrade can quickly turn into an unexpected and costly nightmare. CESA 10 understands, and will walk you through comprehensive service options that fit your needs and budget while increasing the energy efficiency and effectiveness of your facility.

CESA Facilities Management provided an extensive facilities plan that identified more than $5 million in facilities maintenance projects and a prioritization matrix based on cost, impending failure, and safety to help the district know what to do in upcoming years and beyond. I would recommend CESA 10 to anyone needing facilities planning and project implementation, and wanting a high quality nonprofit partner.
— Jon Novak, Business Administrator, River Valley School District
alt="G-E-T School District"

G-E-T School District

In 2016, CESA 10 provided the Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau (G-E-T) School District with a School Cost Analysis to determine if closing a local elementary school was the right decision for their district. CESA 10 took into consideration the fiscal, educational, environmental, and emotional factors, and provided an objective report to present to the administration, Board, and community. After evaluating the criteria, CESA 10 was able to provide four options allowing for varying class sizes and taking into consideration projected enrollment trends.

alt="Mosinee School District"

Mosinee school district

CESA 10 worked with the Mosinee School District to provide a Prioritization Matrix outlining suggested facility improvement measures (FIMs); critical educational, structural, and health and safety needs; estimated energy and operational savings; and project paybacks. We then took it one step further and offered the district alternative options and proposed solutions to facility issues. Each facility issue addressed was given various solutions, complete with estimated costs and relevant research, so the district was able to make an informed decision that best fit their needs and budget.

alt="Unified School District of Antigo"

Unified school district of antigo

In 2014, the Unified School District of Antigo was discussing the pros and cons of moving toward a centralized elementary facility versus renovating the existing facilities. The district chose CESA 10 to provide a comprehensive facility report to help determine if the district should move toward a referendum. CESA 10 was able to prioritize potential projects at both the high school and middle school, and present the district, Board, and community with an array of possible final facilities decisions. This allowed the district to make an informed decision regarding the future of their facilities.