Natural Gas Purchasing Program

CESA 10's Natural Gas Program was created in 1996 at the request of school districts in the northwest part of the state who were looking for help to affordably purchase natural gas. As with nearly all our services, when a district requests assistance, we seek a suitable solution for them. In this scenario, CESA 10 researched the issue and partnered with a reputable natural gas marketing company. Numerous districts saw the advantages of a sheltered budget through locked in rates, and quickly jumped on board. Bringing multiple districts to the marketer allowed us to have enough purchasing power to get the schools better pricing than they would have received on their own. Today more than 28 school buildings in 14 districts take advantage of this lucrative service.

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CESA 10’s Natural Gas Purchasing Program is easy to use and really gives me confidence that I am making the best decisions for my district. I would highly recommend it to any school looking to take the guesswork out of natural gas budgeting.
— Cale Jackson, District Administrator, School District of Loyal
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Natural gas transportation

Districts are only able to join the Natural Gas Purchasing Program during a small window of time when we renegotiate rates with our natural gas marketing company. CESA 10 holds an annual event educating new and existing customers on the history and goals of the program, who is a good candidate, what a natural gas futures contract looks like, and the predicted future of the market. A copy of last year's presentation is included below.