Energy Management

CESA 10 Energy Managers are especially well informed regarding cutting edge energy-related technologies, and they utilize that knowledge and expertise to identify opportunities for maximum energy savings. Our approach is to maximize efficiency since the cheapest, cleanest, surest, and least regulated kWh/therm is the one not used. Our Energy Managers will evaluate equipment and system operations, provide objective advice on energy-saving adjustments, and assist staff with equipment needs. This service requires no upfront costs, and there is no cost to the customer unless we save you money!

alt="Energy Management"
We are a declining enrollment, high property tax, low state-aided district, so these types of initiatives are very important for us to be fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. To me, CESA 10 Energy Management is a no brainer.
— Mark Johnson, Superintendent, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District
West Salem High School has been participating in CESA 10's Energy Management program for nearly two years. During that time, they've realized nearly $20,000 in energy savings!
alt="School District of Marshfield"

school district of marshfield

The School District of Marshfield partnered with CESA 10 in 2008. Through the performance based Energy Management Service, the district was projected to save $215,841 in energy costs (20 percent of their total bill) over three years. In that time span, the district was able to realize $279,636 in achieved energy savings, 130 percent of the projected savings!

alt="Wrightstown Community School District"

wrightstown community school district

The Wrightstown Community School District contracted with CESA 10 in 2012 to help increase the energy efficiency of their facilities. They were projected to save $95,194 (20 percent of their total bill) in energy costs over a three year period. In that time span, they were able to realize $184,928 in achieved energy savings - over 194 percent of estimated savings!

alt="School District of New Richmond"

school district of new richmond

The School District of New Richmond contacted CESA 10 in 2013 to help increase the energy efficiency of their facilities. The building was fairly new, so an audit was conducted to find systems and equipment needing optimization. After optimizing control settings, de-lamping overlit spaces, and behavioral modification training, the School District of New Richmond was able to realize $411,218 in achieved energy savings in a three year time span - 168 percent of estimated savings!