Construction Management

Construction Management - The CESA 10 Construction Manager operates as the decision maker on your behalf for a turnkey, yet fully transparent, project. From project selection and controlling the bidding processes, to supervising all contractors and suppliers and ensuring proper closeout, we act in the customer's best interest to ensure your project is on track. This full service option is appropriate for customers who want to focus on their primary task (educating or other) and do not have the time to deal with project hassles, contractors, and suppliers. This option allows the customer to have a single contract with CESA 10 and avoid all other risks.


Construction Management as Agent - The CESA 10 Construction Manager as Agent acts as the advocate for the Owner in a full service way, but without holding contractor and supplier contracts. This situation avoids bond costs for the customer. This service is appropriate for customers who have a business manager and/or administrator who is willing to sign contracts and make payment resulting in substantial savings, but who wants someone else to manage all other parts of the project. This structure gives the customer ultimate control over the budget.

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We were very impressed with CESA 10’s work with our HVAC project in our middle/high school this year. Our CESA 10 project manager was easy to work with, and walked us through the process from beginning to end. The project came in on time and on budget. If we look at further construction management work, we will definitely utilize CESA 10.
— Dave Laehn, Superintendent, Bangor School District
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chequamegon school district

In 2014, CESA 10 worked with the Chequamegon School District to upgrade its HVAC systems, lighting, roofing, and kitchen spaces. These improvements not only conserved energy, they also contributed to the comfort and safety of building occupants. The district is currently saving more than $40,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs, and is projected to save $613,502 in utility costs and $212,714 in operations and maintenance costs over a 20 year period.


In 2015, CESA 10 technical experts performed a prescriptive on-site audit of the elementary school in the Spooner Area School District to review the controls system. CESA 10 staff recommended converting the HVAC system from pneumatic to digital controls. The District had a bid in hand for $272,000 and a performance contractor offering to complete the work for a simple 8% markup. Something didn't smell right to the CESA 10 Construction Manager. Using detailed specifications and competitive bidding, CESA 10 was able to still utilize the initial vendor, but for a cost of $50,000 less than their original bid.